Vol 12, No 1 (2013)


Table of Contents


Strategic Formulation Factors Before Isomorphism: Analysis of Local Production Arrangement of Knitwear of Imbituva
Carlos Cesar Garcia Freitas, Antônio João Hocayen-da-Silva, Andrea Paula Segatto 01-28
Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A Corporate Socialenvironmental Responsibility in the Light of the Resource-Based View
Débora Prazeres Balbino 29-53
Challenges in Strategy and Management of Multinational R&D Centers in Emerging Markets: Perspective from a German Headquarters in the Chemical Sector
Osmar Mitsuo Saito, Roberto Carlos Bernardes, Flávia Luciane Consoni, Bruno Rondani 54-83
Cooperation Between Research Groups on Strategy in Brazil
Eluiza Alberto Watanabe, Adalmir Oliveira Gomes, Valmir Emil Hoffmann 84-106
The Developmentof Resources Ininterorganizationalnetworksand Theinternationalization Process: The Case Wines of Brasil
Marlon Dalmoro, Jaime Evaldo Fensterseifer, Douglas Wegner 107-130
Storytelling to the Identification of Strategy as Practice
Cláudio Reis Gonçalo, Maria de Lourdes Borges, Alessandra Cassol, Rafael Pereira Ocampo Moré 131-153
Identification and Categorization of the Stakeholders from an Organization of the Third Sector
Daiane Aparecida de Melo Heinzen, Carlos Ricardo Rossetto, José Roberto Altoff 154-180
The Influence of Project Management in the Strategy of Voluntary Transfers of Union Resources for Brazilian Municipalities: The Case of a Medium-Sized City Hall
José da Assunção Moutinho, Cláudia Terezinha Kniess, Emerson Antonio Maccari 181-207
Prospect of Future as a Support to Search for Information for Business Decision
Nelson Daishiro Yoshida, James Terence Coulter Wright, Renata Giovinazzo Spers 208-235
Social Media and Business: A Delphi Study
Bernardo Serra, José Eduardo Storopoli, Claudia Frias Pinto, Fernando Ribeiro Serra 236-253

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