Voluntary actions: a critical analysis of the Responsible Care program

Jacques Demajorovic, Fabio Rubens Soares


In 2006, the Responsible Care will complete 21 years in place. It is one of the most important worldwide voluntary social and environmental initiative taken by an industrial sector during the last two decades. This initiative had as motivating factors the solution of public image problems faced by the chemical industry due to the increasing of the regulations on environmental, health and safety fields associated with the critical accidents and contamination processes occurred during 1970 and 1980. In order to face this reality, key representatives of the chemical industry have understood to be essential the adoption of a integrated program having as main objective to change management practices in the social and environmental areas and, at the same time, revert the negative image and public opinion. A critical analysis of the results achieved by this initiative, however, shows very different visions related to the program and its limits. This paper analyzes of the development of this initiative worldwidely, indicating its results and weaknesses.


Socio-environmental risks. Industrial accidents. Indicators.

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