Textile sector:a study of the effects of the commercial openingon the Brazilian textile sector

Simone Vilela Marquezini, Paula Meyer Soares Passanezi, Alexandre de Carvalho


The process of commercial opening occurred in 1990 during the Collor’s govern­ment made the transformation industry get into a restructuring process. The ob­jective of this paper is to present the effects of the commercial opening of the textile sector during the period of 1993-2004 and main strategies adopted for the enterprises. The study was based on interview of the executives and institutions related to the textile sector. After ten years, the commercial opening is considered positive to the improvement of the productive structure of the sector. Besides the reduction on tariffs and the devaluation of the exchange rate in 1999, was pointed of the responsible factors of the adjusting process.


Commercial opening. Exports. Imports. Tariffs. Textile industry.

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