Secondary Data in Research – Uses and Opportunities

Fellipe Silva Martins, Júlio Araujo Carneiro da Cunha, Fernando Antonio Ribeiro Serra


We wrote this editorial – in both the Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management and Podium – thinking about future opportunities for research, especially in a topic that still has room for further development: the use of secondary data. Sports management research in Brazil, which is the key focus of Podium, has gained wide acceptance within the management research academia in Brazil. Along with this maturation process, this now reinforced area needs to step up its game (pun intended) in terms of methodological approaches. This means that both the qualitative and quantitative sides of the equation must now become more focused in improving results. In strategic management, on the other hand, the use of secondary data is now common and widespread, but not as much in Iberoamerican countries. In this editorial, we will focus more specifically on the use and opportunities in employing secondary data.


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