How Can a Live Fish Live Out of Brazil? The Case of Peixonauta

Wilian Gatti Junior, Marcio Luiz Marietto


This paper proposes to demonstrate, through a case study, how a small Brazilian company of animation industry operationalized the national and international production and commercialization, exporting to more than 60 countries, your product: the Peixonauta series. The Brazil, historically a consumer of these products, has not developed its animation industry. The TV Pinguim operationalized an alternative to this situation showing that it is possible to produce locally animation with international quality. The research has shown that the organization based their strategic competences in the conduct of the project considering the maintenance of focus on the creation activity and, mainly, on the capacity to identify, uses and influence governmental and market factors, embedded in its contextual environment of reference. For that, we present the concepts of Institutional Pillars and Internationalization, because we consider that the understanding of these concepts provides a solid basis for managers of small companies that intend to internationalize their products. We also understand that the theoretical conceptualization and the case contribute to the managers of small companies to increase their perception of institutional and governmental opportunities that their businesses are embedded.


Animation Industry; Small Business Strategy; Case Study, Pillars of Institutions; Internationalization.


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