Innovation and Business Model - A Case Study in Sector Vintner

Leonel Cezar Rodrigues, Amelia Silveira, Carlos Mamori Kono, Fernando Cesar Lenzi


This research targeted at determining type and nature of innovation associated to the curbing strategies of the business model at Casa Valduga, a traditional Brazilian wine producer that has stimulating that house to exceed in product quality, expanding its domestic and international market. The research was designed to explore, qualitatively, the phenomenon gathering data through interviews, formal documentation checking and observation. One conclude that the adopted business model originates basically from the company’s corporate strategies, to appropriate resources, capacities and competences, than from a common competitive intended strategy. Corporate strategy is based on fine tuning of the company’s resources with market segment interest. Corporate strategy help adjust capacity to generate superior quality products with the strategic control of value attributes, linked to the image and trademark of the company.


Competitive Strategy; Corporate Strategy; Innovation; Business Model.


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