Internationalization Strategy of Brazilian Heavy Construction: Reflections on the History and Results

Flavia Luciane Scherer


Considering the fact that internationalization is a booming phenomenon, the paper aims to describe the process of internationalization of Brazilian companies in the heavy construction sector which have internationalized their activities through the execution of foreign direct investment (FDI). The focus is to understand the trajectories adopted in understanding the choices made, and the identification of the results obtained by these companies, experienced in international markets. Performing empirical research in business segment of heavy construction felt the need to broaden the scope of studies related to the internationalization of service firms. About the internationalization path adopted, the analysis of four cases showed similarities. To minimize the ignorance concerning market conditions, companies work normally with local partners. Concerning strategic choices and outcomes arising, the cases showed that the maintenance of external activity followed other criteria in addition to profitability. Maintaining external operations also been explained in terms of the need for constant updating. Different stages of internationalization were identified in the companies studied.


Internationalization; Heavy Construction; Path.


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