Walking on a Tightrope? Analysing Emotional Fragilities as a Competitive Advantage in Cirque Du Soleil’s Creation of Value

Felipe Cavalcante de Almeida, Alyne Oliveira Vale, Sérgio H. A. Cavalcante Forte


An emotional relationship between business and consumers can create positive aspects. However, complexity of emotional processes can become a challenge concerning the long-term growth of companies pursuing to implement such a strategy. Therefore, this study aspires to evidence possible fragilities of organizational strategies, which create value through emotional aspects. Consequently, we conducted a case study of the Canadian company Cirque du Soleil, with data collection consisting of: an interview with the firm’s head publicist; in addition to interviews undertaken by secondary data; three months spent amongst one of the company’s shows; and by secondary data from both the electronic and press media. Data analysis and interpretation were established by using the content analysis technique. It was acknowledged that despite the rapid growth and success of the company, there are still certain challenges relating to the continued growth associated with the consolidation of emotional relationships.


Strategy; Competitive advantage; Emotion; Cirque du Soleil.

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