Categorization by Importance of Universities Stakeholders

Emerson Wagner Mainardes, Helena Alves, Mario Raposo, Maria José Domingues


Since the objective of this study was to categorize the importance of stakeholders from universities, this research focuses on the Stakeholder Theory by classifying the importance of the stakeholders. The Stakeholder Salience model studies university stakeholders, and is the basis for empirical research, undertaken with employees from 11 Portuguese Public Universities. After the exploratory identification of 21 stakeholders, we developed a questionnaire, which was sent to 18,257 employees from these 11 universities, resulting in 684 responses. The Stakeholder Salience model was used, but it has proven to have limitations. Therefore, we propose a new, discerning model, in order of importance of stakeholders within an organization, based solely on the influence of the stakeholder, allowing for a more accurate and conclusive classification. In conclusion, it was established that governments and academics have more influence than the market where the surveyed universities were concerned. We also ascertained that Portuguese Public Universities currently focus on research more than they do teaching.


Stakeholders; Stakeholder Salience; Stakeholders importance; University stakeholders; Stakeholders Theory.

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