Strategies for fostering corporate entrepreneurship

Leonel Cezar Rodrigues, Emerson Antonio Maccari, Alexsandro Pereira


This paper targets at analyzing and characterizing corporate strategies practiced at Brasilata – Metallic Packing S/A, one of the most innovative and world-wide awarded Brazilian enterprises, to stimulate corporate entrepreneurship. This research used the case study research method. Data were collected from interviews with corporate executives, from studying internal reports and documents, observing processes, norms and specific procedures. Main results show that due to corporate entrepreneurship, Brasilata improved its productivity to 81%. Some 46,000 new ideas have been examined and also 6 patents were granted, which account for 75% of the enterprise annual revenues. Evidences show therefore, that corporate entrepreneurship’s strategies are effective at Brasilata and do create corporate resilience and improve performance bolstering business sustainability.


corporate entrepreneurship; corporate strategy; corporate innovation

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