Study of strategic changes in companies of the construction sector: an aplication of the tushman and romanelli model

Carlos Ricardo Rossetto, Adriana Marques Rossetto, Carlos Eduardo Carvalho


Organizations are present in environments characterized by intense competition and turbulence. These environments make the adaptation process of the organizations more complex, and their managers need to conduct their business in consonance with the environmental changes considered important by them. The aim of this research is to describe strategic changes according to the model proposed by Tushman and Romanelli (1985); it is possible to verify that most of the time, the process was incremental, interspersed with revolutionary changes. A multi-case study was conducted considering the history of the companies, and on the basis of this study, critical events were defined and then strategic periods were characterized according to the methodology devised by Miles and Huberman (1984) and Mintzberg and McHugh (1985). This research offers a significant contribution to studies that try to explain how companies formulate their strategies.


Evolutionary Changes; Revolutionary Changes; Strategic Adaptation; Construction Sector.

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