The relation between the organizational culture and the process of strategic planning: a case study in a North American Company

Mauricio Fernandes Pereira, Juliane Ines Di Francesco Kich


The present study intends to appraise how the real relationship between organizational culture and process of strategic planning is in practice. Therefore, besides the bibliographical exploratory research, an in loco case study with a ski-resort, in Unites States, was carried. It has been noticed that, for the company in question, it is important the alignment of the strategy with its culture, the definition and clear disclosure of its values, as well as its culture turned to the apprenticement. The strategic thought of its members were fundamental for the efficacy from its Strategic Planning. Moreover, it was estabilished that culture influences the strategic planning process. It also influences the culture. So, the strategic planning is used as a mean of disseminating the culture of the company and for its modification.



Organizational culture. Strategic planning. Apprenticement.

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