The strategic alignment between Information Technology and Business: a study in a Brazilian state bank

Gilberto Perez, Marcel Ginotti Pires, Amélia Silveira, Moisés Ari Zilber


The objective of the study was to evaluate the area of Information Technology (IT), of a great Brazilian state bank, related to the strategic planning of the institution. The descriptive research, with quantitative method, was executed by means of structured questionnaire. The citizens selected for this research were the professionals who hold positions of management, coordination, analysis business-oriented and analysis of systems of the studied bank. The collected data were processed by statistical techniques, with the application of SPSS V13. The results demonstrate the understanding that the staff of the IT company has in relation to the business policies and the strategies of the institutional administration. The results show, among other things, the strategic alignment of IT and technology strategies as factors that define the role of the area of IT to the business of the institution.


Brazilian state bank. Business. Information technology. Strategic alignment. Strategic planning.

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