Sustainable tourism in Brazil: utopia or possible way?

Sarah Strachman Bacal, Ana Julia de Souza Melo, Gloria Maria Widmer, Raquel da Silva Pereira


The work deals with relations between man, the environment and tourism, considering that this activity is focused mainly on the exploitation of the natural and cultural resources of a place, region, or country. The seduction that tourism carries in the regions of weak economy and holding of attractive natural resources leads to the thought of the activity as a miracle to break the vicious circle of stagnation of the economy and represents the coming of foreign investment increasing. In this context, the tourism puts in motion million people seeking mobilize their free time in annual tourist travel, searching landscapes different from those that are part of their daily life, and exerting activities not imposed by the pace of work and the oppressive environment of the urban centers. To track this rate, the receiving localities end up taking some kind of developmental race that does not have the protection of nature, culture, or the welfare of the involved communities as priority, justifying statements on tourism as a destroyer of the places, which are responsible for its existence.


Development. Environment. Society. Sustainability. Tourism.

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