Economical and environmental analysis of biodiesel obtained through used fried oil in toll plazas

Carlo Alessandro Castellanelli, Cristiano Roos, Márcio Castellanelli, Leandro Cantorski da Rosa


In this article, the aim is to demonstrate the economic viability and environmental advantages of diesel replacement for biodiesel, obtained by used fried oil to be used in power generators. To reach these goals, a study was performed in three toll plazas with diesel power generators in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The technical parameters for the study of diesel power generators were obtained from experiments conducted by the research group to guide the study. The results have appointed that biodiesel can be used as a substitute for diesel generators in the toll plazas, leading to economic and environmental advantages.Thus, the study provided a better understanding on the proposed subject, showing the importance of renewable energy sources towards environmental, political and economic events.


Alternative sources of energy. Biodiesel. Power generators.

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