Clean Development Mechamism (CDM): perception of the Brazilian enterprises’ sectors

Alexandre Gellert Paris, Emília Satoshi Miyamaru Seo


Nowadays, the increase of Earth’s average temperature consists of an enormous challenge to our society. There has been a lot of international mobilization, associated with the amount of inancial, political and engineering resources interested in preventing the aggravating of the green house gases effects. In this article, it is presented a pioneer survey attempting to understand how the Brazilian private sector sees the issue; how they are positioning themselves to face the climate crisis, how they will cope with the new market emerging and the new paradigm from this global environmental issue. The results found appoint that the main barriers for the development of CDM projects, according to the Brazilian companies surveyed, are the high costs associated with these projects and the lack of technical knowledge on the ield.


Brazilian private sector. CDM projects. Greenhouse gases emission.

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