Public Administration of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW): the experience in Lençóis Paulista City

Jair Wagner de Souza Manfrinato, Benedito Luiz Martins, Fábio José Esguícero


In this article, the management of the MSW in Lençóis Paulista city is discussed. The ineficient public administration of the wastes and also the social awareness of a group of people who survived by using the leftover of these wastes, have made necessary the organization of an Integrated Management Plan of MSW, which was created by the Municipality in partnership with São Paulo State University (Unesp). The results were obtained with the restructuring of the Recycling and Composting Plant, the implementation of selective collection, the creation of a collector cooperative in partnership with the Disabled Association, and thus generating social inclusion, an increase in recyclable materials, as well as in the increase in the life of the landill, and the implementation of the composting process.


Inclusão social. Plano de gerenciamento.Reciclagem. RSU.

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