Senior customers’ attitudes towards the social responsibility actions of pharmacies and drugstores

Maria de Lourdes Bacha, Fernando Luis Cazarotto Berlezzi, Nadia Wacila Hanania Vianna, Jorgina Francisca Severino dos Santos


In  this  article  the  attitudes  of  senior  customers are  analyzed  considering  the  actions  of  social responsibility  of  pharmacies  and  drugstores  in the city of São Paulo. A quantitative and empiric research was carried out taking into account the concept of attitude and the theory regarding the social responsibility, with a non-probabilistic sample of 200 buyers in the city of São Paulo, in 2006.  A structured questionnaire was used for field work. The results show ineffective actions of social responsibility from pharmacies and drugstores, in spite of the benefits they could bring to the institutional image and brand.


Purchase of medicine by senior customers. Social responsibility. Third Age.

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