The social responsibility and its effects on the Sabesp company’s actuation

Regiane Aparecida de Almeida Ferreira, Paula Meyer Soares Passanezi


The increasing level of consumer’s conscientiousness resulting from the larger access to information as well as the development of actions in certain organizations have guided the decisions of consumers during the buying act. This new procedure has conducted some companies to emphasize the effects of certain actions developed by them, such as the social responsibility ones, which aim to reach some specific market share, besides communicating a new entrepreneurial image. The objective of this article is to present the main social actions of Sabesp – Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo (Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo) and show the results reached by the adoption of a new management performance which generated a change of image in the company actuation. The methodology used was based on a bibliographic research and on a study of case.


Environment, Sabesp. Social responsibility.

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